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Year 2011 was very energetic for our association.

In 2011, we sent three times 2500€ support to Los Chiquitines (beginning of the year, in the summer and last one in december), totalling 7500€! Sum includes donation of 1500€ by MokkaMestarit Ltd.

Los Chiquitines invested the funds to healthcare and education. According to Interpedia, LC has been grateful for our support. Also, Interpedia has signaled that our contribution has importance and affects also their operations.

Agatha sent us their yearly report. Report is mostly about the financial situation, which has been quite hard this year. For example, Mothers Home program is on hold, but theres already rumours that it will be resumed in 2012. Hope for the best! LC has also been delighted for letters and pictures families have send them. When Marika Elmeranta from Interpedia visited them in autumn, she sent her love to all Finnish LC families and she is thankful we meet and stick together, and provide much needed support for their invaluable work.

For Los Niños del Sol association, year 2011 has been good what comes to selling coffee: many thanks to all active sellers, buyers and coffee drinkers. In spring families met in Onnenkoski. During that time we held first yearly (and mandatory) meeting where association decided on most important actions we take: Main focus is still on providing support for LC and create opportunities for all LC families to meet each other. At Onnenkoski we sold jewelry made in LC, but unfortunately those are not available anymore. Some families, visiting Cali in year 2011, brought some jewelry crafted in artisan area. Hopefully we can see those in our next yearly meeting in 2012.

Internet pages of our association play important role in building our public profile. New for this year is mailing list dedicated to families waiting child from LC. Development suggestions and travel pictures are always welcome, you are free to contact Mikko anytime.

As year changes, we can all be happy that Los Chiquitines can continue it is important work with children. Another good thing is, that LC has requested five new applications from Finnish families! We have also had new families joining the association, we welcome you all!

Hope we all meet in 2012 in yearly meeting, planned to be held in Helsinki area!

Best regards,

Milena Kallio, Chairman
Marja Tomberg, Secretary

Los Niños del Sol has been around for a long time but it was officially registered in 2010.

End of the 2010 we supported Los Chiquitines with a donation of 2500€, which was targeted to renovation project.

During the renovation, main building was painted from the inside, restrooms were renewed, doors and windows fixed and new cribs were bought. It was great to participate in this project along with other countries. We also received detailed information how our donaton was used and what was accomplished.

Donation was gathered by selling Cafe del Sol coffee and immaterial gifts, collecting member- and support member fees. We also received two larger donations from our members, special thanks for you!

In February 2011 we donated other 2500€ for Los Chiquitines health program. Program consist of medicine, medical supplies, research and vaccinations.

We also started selling Colombian ornaments. One of our members bought ornaments, hand made by the women in LC's mothers program. As always, all profit will go directly to LC's next program or project.

Thank you for participating!

Best regards,
Milena Kallio
Chairman, Los Niños del Sol Association